Visibility toolbar > Show of Hide Model in the Mechanism-Editor and Part-Editor

NOTE - there is not a Visibility menu

Model in Mechanism = " Show Model elements in Mechanism-Editors "

Model elements include Planes and Solids

Solid elements are Profile/ Extrusion elements or those Solids that you import onto a CAD-Line.

Use this command together with these command:

Visibility toolbar >Show / Hide of Active or All Mechanism-Editors
Visibility toolbar >Show / Display Mode

This command has two states.

Show Model in Mechanism icon

Visibility toolbar > Show Model in Mechanism

Hide Model in Mechanism icon

Visibility toolbar > Hide Model in Mechanism

More Notes:


Planes also show with Solids. Frequently, [nearly always] Planes hide the elements you want to see.

To hide Planes:

Extrusion elements:

To increase, or decrease, the quality of Extrusion elements:

1.Edit a Part that is a parent to an Extrusion with poor quality, and immediately exit the Part-Editor

and , or

1.In Edit Extrusion dialog-box > Opacity and Quality : Drag Graphics Quality to the right.
2.Then Hide and then Show Model in Mechanism again, before the new Graphics Quality becomes active.

Edit Lighting:

To improve the lighting of Solids in a Mechanism-Editor [and the Model-Editor], use and experiment with the Mechanism Options dialog-box.

Solids and Profiles in Mechanism-Editors


Example of Show Model in Mechanism-Editor

Hide Model in Mechanism

In Mechanism-Editors, you can see Pink Profile elements.


Show Model in Mechanism

In Mechanism-Editors, you can see Pink Profile elements and Blue Extrusion Elements.


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