Elements - What are they?

Element Names

The names we use for the objects we add to the model.

As we do commands to build the model, we add elements to the graphic-area . They are automatically in the Assembly-Tree.

Elements in the Assembly-Tree:

Element-Name + number

The first element of a type in the Assembly-Tree does not have a number. Thereafter, we add to a number

E.g.: When you do Add Part, the Element-Names are Part, Part2, .... ; when you do Add Pin-Joint, the Element-Names are : Pin-Joint, Pin-Joint2, ...

You can rename all elements. See rename elements

Element Icon

Each element in the Assembly-Tree, of each type, has an icon to the left of the element-name

The icon is the same icon as the command icon in the toolbar to add the element.

You cannot change the icon.

Elements in the Assembly-Tree

The Assembly-Tree is a list of the elements you add to the model, but compiled into a hierarchical and chronological list.

Example Assembly-Tree

Example Assemble-Tree Element Icons and Names

Example Assemble-Tree
Element Icons and Names

Note: The Assembly-Tree also indicates the kinematic-state of each Part with an icon.

E.g. The kinematic-state for solved Parts (also called Green Parts, or kinematically-defined) is the KinChain-Solved-small icon.

The kinematic-state of each Part is important, but we will discuss that later.

<< We can see the element that is renamed to Coupler. is a Part, because it has the same icon to identify the element type.


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