Elements and the Assembly-Tree

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Elements and the Assembly-Tree

Elements - What are they?

Element Names

When we do commands to build the model, we add elements to the graphic-area. The elements are also added to the Assembly-Tree.

Each element has a name.

Elements in the Assembly-Tree

The Assembly-Tree is a list of the elements you add to the model, but compiled into a hierarchical and chronological list.

Element-Name + number

The first element of a type in the Assembly-Tree does not have a number. Thereafter, we append it with a number.

E.g. : As we add Parts, the Element-Names in the Assembly-Tree will be Part, Part2, .... ;

Similarly, when you add Pin-Joints, the Element-Names in the Assembly-Tree will be : Pin-Joint, Pin-Joint2, ...

You can rename all elements. See rename elements

Element Icon

Each element in the Assembly-Tree has an icon to the left of the element-name

The icon is very similar to the icon for the command in the toolbar when you add the element.

You cannot change the icon.

Example Assembly-Tree

Example Assemble-Tree Element Icons and Names

Example Assemble-Tree
Element Icons and Names

Note: The Assembly-Tree also indicates the kinematic-state of each Part with an icon.

E.g. The kinematic-state for solved Parts (also called Green Parts, or kinematically-defined) is the KinChain-Solved-small icon.

The kinematic-state of each Part is important, but we will discuss that later.

<< We can see the element that is renamed to Coupler is a Part, because the Part icon identifies it as that element type.