Elements - What are they?


Are those objects that you add to the model.
The Assembly-Tree [see below] in the Element-Explorer, shows a list of elements that you have added to the model.

For example: After you complete the command Add Part, you will see the Part element in the Assembly-Tree.

Each element may be a child or a parent to different elements.

For example: Part element is a child to the Mechanism element. It is also is a parent to the CAD-Line element.

Elements are identified in this help in two different ways.
oOriginal way is:  Capital-First-Letter for each word in the Element-Name, and a hyphen between the Element-Name if there two or more words.

For example: the Part element has a capital 'P', Base-Part has capitals ['B' and 'P'] and a hyphen [-]

oNew ways is: Element-Name
You can rename any element.

For example: rename a Part to Pusher-Tool.

Derived Element Name:

We also use 'derived-element-names' to help us write the help. These element names are not in the Assembly-Tree.

For example: Sketch-Loop. You will not find a command Add sketch-loop. Rather a sketch-loop is combination of a number of sketch elements that you must join end-to end that form a 'loop'..

Element Explorer: Assembly-Tree

In the Assembly-Tree, we represent each element with an Element-Name and an Element-Icon.

Example: Assembly-Tree in Explorer-Explorer

Assembly-Tree in Explorer-Explorer

The image shows an Assembly-Tree in the Element-Explorer.

You need to 'expand' each 'parent' to see its 'children' and 'grand-children'.

Element-Icons and Element-Names

Element-Icon is the same as the toolbar icons. You cannot edit the element icons.

Element-Full-Name is unique.

Element-Full-Name = Element-Name + Element-Number


The element-name is typically the same as the command


We add a number to the Element-Name.

For example: the default* full names for Parts are: Part, Part2, Part3, ...

* You can rename all element.

See rename elements.

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