Coupler Curve and Coupler Point Synthesis

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Coupler Curve and Coupler Point Synthesis

Coupler Curve and Coupler Point Mechanism Synthesis


A four-bar mechanism, indicated to the left by (AoABBo), is a closed kinematic chain consisting of 4 links. One of the links is the fixed link (AoBo). The opposite link, is the coupler (AB). It is the base of a coupler-triangle (ABK), the vertex of which, the coupler-point K, describes the coupler-curve when the mechanism is moved.

It is often of engineering importance to synthesise a four-bar mechanism that:

Guides a coupler point to give a particular coupler curve, or shape

- or -

Guides a coupler point between a number of points

MechDesigner for Coupler Curve Synthesis

The equation of a coupler-curve is of the sixth degree and its properties are 'tricircular sextic'. We do not need to know how to solve this equation.

There are three other ways that MechDesigner can help you find coupler-curves to suit a particular application.

tog_minusCoupler Curve: Trace-Points and Design Set

tog_minusCoupler Points: Constraint-Base Sketch Editor

tog_minusInstantaneous Kinematics