Mechanism Synthesis

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Mechanism Synthesis

Mechanism Synthesis Techniques and Mechanism Design and Analysis

We usually use MechDesigner to design and analyze cams, motions, mechanisms, and multi-axis machines.

However, it is also possible to use the Constraint-Based Sketch-Editor in MechDesigner for Mechanism Synthesis

Thus, we have prepared these topics to explain the classic mechanism synthesis techniques.


Mechanism Synthesis is also called Kinematic Synthesis, or Linkage Synthesis.

In this section, we use the term Mechanism to replace the term kinematic-chain.

To complete these tutorials you should be able to:

Use the Part-Editor to add and delete sketch-elements, dimensions and constraints to sketch-elements

Assemble basic kinematic-chains

Use the Measurement FB

tog_minusMachine Design
tog_minusThe Mechanism Editor compared to the Part Editor
tog_minusMechanism Synthesis in MechDesigner
tog_minusPossible Defects with Mechanism Synthesis

Mechanism Synthesis.

Three, Four and Five-Position Synthesis

Coupler Curve and Coupler Point Synthesis

About Instantaneous Kinematics

Function Generation

Straight-Line Mechanisms

Replace Gear Segments

Symmetrical Coupler Curves

Dwell Mechanisms

Translating Plane - Six-bar - coming soon

Replace Gear Segments with Mechanism.