Standard Installation

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Standard Installation

Download and Install MechDesigner. website - after a customer logs in. website - after a customer logs in.

Login to

Click the


Download then extract the executable file from the ZIP file.

Double-click the extracted MechDesigner File.

You may get a Windows WARNING that informs you that changes are about to be made to your computer.

Windows asks you permission to install MechDesigner.

Now you will see the

Welcome to MD16 Setup

Please click the button.


After a number of pop-ups, you will see the Installation Completed form.



Please click the button.


When you run MechDesigner the first time you must enter your Product-Key.

We will send you the Product Key in an email when you buy MechDesigner.

The Product-Key starts with Product-Code.

The Product Code for MechDesigner Premium is MD32_0_0

If the installation is an upgrade to an existing installation, the Produce Key will be found and entered automatically.

Click the button.

We check with the CopyMinder database to make sure you your license is valid and active.

Click the button,to allow the connection to the CopyMinder database, with the Internet.

You can also click the Click to not show again check-box.



Please select a Window Theme

This help uses the Charcoal Dark Slate theme.


We must check that the program is installed on the same computer.

Again you must click OK to start MechDesigner.  

If you do not click OK - MechDesigner may stop working.

Be assured, CopyMinder or PSMotion will not use your data other than to improve MechDesigner or solve bugs.