2: Model-Editor, Mechanism-Editor, Part-Editor

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2: Model-Editor, Mechanism-Editor, Part-Editor

2r Model, Mechanism and Part-Editors

Do these steps to build models:

STEP 1: Add an element

Add elements that are contextual to the active editor.

There are three editor types:

See Model Editor

See Mechanism-Editor

See Part-Editor

STEP 2: Open the element's dialog-box

Each element you add to the model has a dialog-box with which you can edit its parameters:

See Dialog-Boxes

See How to open a Dialog-Box

STEP 3: Edit the element's parameters

Edit the parameters to change the element's properties:

See How to edit a Parameter in a Dialog-Box

The Editor Workspace

The workspace includes the:

Graphic-Area :

Workspace to add elements

Contextual-Toolbars :

Toolbars to add or modify elements that are contextual to each editor.

Name-Tabs :

You click the name-tabs at the top of the Graphics-Area to switch between each editor.

The Model-Editor is the name-tab at the left.

All other name-tabs are Mechanism-Editors.

Graphic-Area, Contextual-toolbars, and Name-Tabs

Graphic-Area, Contextual-toolbars, and Name-Tabs