Getting Started Tutorials - MechDesigner

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Getting Started Tutorials - MechDesigner

MechDesigner Tutorials

See also MotionDesigner Tutorials

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Fonts & Colors :





Elements you add to model :

e.g. : Part, Pin-Joint, Motion-Dimension  fb,

Derived Element Names / interface :

e.g. : Start-Point, Command-Manager, Part-Editor

Menus & Toolbar commands :

e.g. : File menu > Open

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e.g. : Help

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Lists that are not a sequence of instructions, use bullets  - e.g.:


More Information

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Ordered instructions, even if one instruction - e.g.:

1.Do 1

2.Do 2


These tutorials are detailed instructions for how to use many of the MechDesigner tools and commands. Please work from the first to the last tutorial.

Email sales at psmotion dot com if you cannot do a tutorial, or if there is an error, or if there is not enough information. We will improve the tutorial.  

If a video does not play, then please try a different web browser. It is possible that you do not have add-in to play MP4 videos with your default browser. If you find a Flash Video, please email us to let us know - as these should be replaced.


Getting Started Tutorials

The User Interface

Contextual Help : F1 key, Dialog and Parameters

Recommended Windows & Application-Settings

Elements, Symbols, Dialog-boxes and Parameters

Settings & Styles, Mouse Actions, Keyboard Shortcuts

0: Machine Settings : Edit a Parameter

1: Add a Part that Rotates - a Crank

2: Four-bar kinematic-chains

2A: Six-bar Kinematic-Chains

2B: Kinematic Tools

2C: Hierarchy of Planes

3: Add sketch-elements with the Part-Editor

4: From Sketch-Elements to Extrusions

5: Kinematic Function-Blocks and Motion

6: Cams Flat, Barrel, Globoidal, Slot Cams

7: Design-Sets

8: Import DXF Files, then extrude sections for Solid Extrusions

9: Automatically Add Joints

10: Model Mechanical Devices

11: Two Degree-of-Freedom Planar Mechanisms

12: Spatial Mechanism

13: Analyze Forces

14: Gear-Pairs

15: Patterns - Indexing Chain

16: Motion-Path FB and Blend-Curves

17: Belts and Pulleys

18: Maths FB

19: Import SOLIDWORKS documents onto CAD-Lines

20: Design a Scroll or Feedscrew

21: Reverse-Engineering a Cam

22: Working with Large Models

23: Servo and Gearbox Sizing