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Compound-Element-Names all have a hyphen[-] between their names Motion-Dimension dialog-box , Function-Block

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Bullet 2: More Information


Ordered instructions use numbers, or letters, even if there is only one instruction step:

1.Instruction 1 - Do Step 1
2.Instruction 2 - Do Step 2


English is made as simple as possible. To native English speakers, it is 'quirky', at places.

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These tutorials give detailed instructions for how to use most of the MechDesigner tools and commands. Please work from the first to the last tutorial.

Notes: Email 'sales at psmotion dot com' if you cannot do a tutorial. Also, if there is an error or there is not enough information. We will try to improve the tutorial.

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Getting Started Tutorials

0: Machine Settings : Edit a Parameter

1: Add a Part that Rotates - a Crank

2: Four-bar kinematic-chains

2A: Six-bar Kinematic-Chains

2B: Three Kinematic Tools

2C: Hierarchy of Planes

3: Add sketch-elements with the Part-Editor

4: From Sketch-Elements to Extrusions

5: Kinematic Function-Blocks and Motion

6: Design 2D and 3D-Cams

7: How to use Design-Sets

8: Import DXF Files, then extrude sections for Solid Extrusions

9: Automatically Add Joints

10: Model Mechanical Devices

11: Two Degree-of-Freedom Planar Mechanisms

12: Design a Spatial Mechanism

13: Analyze Forces

14: Use Gear-Pairs

15: Pattern Example - Indexing Chain

16: Motion-Path FB and Blend-Curves

17: Belts and Pulleys

18: Maths FB

19: Import SOLIDWORKS documents onto CAD-Lines

20: Design a Scroll or Feedscrew

21: Reverse-Engineering a Cam

22: Working with Large Models

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