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MechDesigner User Interface
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Menus and toolbars

The Menus are above the graphic-area.

The General toolbars are above and below the graphic-area.

See more: General menus and toolbars


Model-Editor | Mechanism-Editor | Part-Editor

Each editor has one main purpose: to add elements to build your machine model

Model-Editor: to view the Solid model, add Mechanism-Editors, and add Planes.
Mechanism-Editor: to build kinematic-chains, to add machine-elements, and to plan motions.
Part-Editor: to add sketch-elements and sketch-constraints to Parts in each kinematic-chain.

Each editor has one or more contextual toolbars. Each command in the Add menu has an icon for the command in a contextual-toolbar.

See more: Model, Mechanism, and Part-Editor


Project-Explorer | DE  Projekt-Explorer

The Project-Explorer is to the left of the graphic-area

See more: Project-Explorer



The Feedback-Area is below the graphic-area.

See more: Feedback-Area



MotionDesigner is to the right of the graphic-area. You can show and hide MotionDesigner at any time.

You can add and design many motions. You link motions to Parts in the MechDesigner model.

See more: MotionDesigner



The Memo dialog opens when you start MechDesigner.

De-select the Open Automatically at Start check-box (bottom and left of the dialog) if you do not want to see Memo dialog.

See more: Memo

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