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Main User Interface



Menu-bar and General Toolbars

The main menus and 'general use' toolbars are ABOVE and BELOW the main graphic-area.

Each toolbar has an 'expand/collapse' icon that you must click to see the commands in the toolbar.

See more: Menus and General Use Toolbars


Model-Editor / Mechanism-Editor / Part-Editor + Contextual Toolbars

This is the main editor workspace with the Graphic-Area, Name-Tabs, and the Contextual Toolbars.

The Contextual toolbars are to the LEFT-SIDE and RIGHT-SIDE of the graphic-area.

See more: Model, Mechanism and Part-Editor



The Project-Explorer is to the LEFT-SIDE of the graphic-area.

See more: Project-Explorer


Feedback Area

The Feedback-Area is to the BELOW the graphic-area.

See more: Feedback-Area



MotionDesigner is docked to the RIGHT-SIDE of the graphic-area. You can show and hide MotionDesigner at any time.

See more: MotionDesigner



The memo is a separate dialog. You can open it or set it to 'Open Automatically at Start'

See more: Memo


After you add an element, you must open its dialog-box to edit its parameters.

This section describes the purpose of each parameter in each dialog-box.

It also has a link to the command you must do to add add the element.


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