Network Installation: Step-by-Step

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Network Installation: Step-by-Step

Network Installations

Please let PSMotion know before you buy MechDesigner that you want a Product-Key for a Network (also called a Floating ) or a Standalone License.

PSMotion cannot change a Product-Key from a Standalone to a Network License, or from a Network to a Standalone-License after you have installed MechDesigner.

Note: Network Administrators (' I.T. ') should not give the Product Key (MD32_0_0-XXXX-XXXX-XXX) to end-users (clients).

What is the difference between a Stand-Alone License-Key and a Floating/Network License-Key?

Standalone: 1 Product-Key and MechDesigner are locked to 1 computer (+1 backup computer). Occasionally install on a different computer.

Floating/Network : 1 Product-Key is locked to your server. Install MechDesigner on any computer that has access to your server. The Product-Key on your server manages the maximum number of computers that can run MechDesigner at one time.

Floating/Network License Installation Instructions

Please read this documentation before you install MechDesigner.

tipbulb Network Installation:

Network Installation: Step by Step

Network Installation: Detailed Instructions for IT Professional

Roaming Licenses

With a Network License,, you can ask PSMotion to enable Roaming licenses. These enable one or more designers to use MechDesigner on a remote computer for a period of time. Please email PSMotion if you want to enable Roaming Licenses.