Network Installations

Please let us know before you buy MechDesigner that you want a Network License [also called a Floating License ].

Note: Network Administrators [' I.T. '] should not give the Product Key [MD32_0_0-XXXX-XXXX-XXX] to end-users [clients].

What is the difference between Stand-Alone and a Floating-Network Licensing?

For a stand-alone software license, a license needs to be installed on each computer workstation that the software is to run on.

With a Floating-Network License, a pool of licenses is available on a server for use by any computer workstation on the network. The number of network licenses available can correspond to the maximum number of simultaneous users expected, and not for each computer workstation where the software is to be installed. The major advantage of a Floating Network License is that any computer on the network can run the software - it is not locked-down to an individual computer workstation. This enables more efficient work among engineers since individual users can access the license whenever they need it.

Additionally, software licensing is installed and activated only on the license server and not on the individual computer workstations. This allows computer workstations to be changed or upgraded more easily, without having to worry about uninstalling and reinstalling software licenses when changes occur.

Network License Installation Instructions

Please read this documentation before you install MechDesigner.

tipbulb Network Installation:

Roaming Licenses

As a network installation, you can choose to enable Roaming Licences. These enable one or more designers to use MechDesigner on a remote computer for a period of time. Please email PSMotion to inform us if you want to enable Roaming Licenses.

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