Before you install, please email us [sales at psmotion dot com]. We will create an account for you on our website.

We will put the correct installation file in your account so that you can download it.

If you cannot see the MD-ABC-X-Y-Z.ZIP file in your account, in File Downloads, please email us.

If you can see the MD-ABC-X-Y-Z.ZIP file in your account, but you cannot download it, please email us.

General Permissions / Rights to Install and Run MechDesigner MD12:

You MUST have Administrator Rights to Install AND to run the First Time only

After the first time, you do not need Administrator Rights.

See Install SOLIDWORKS Type Libraries

Step 1: Download MechDesigner 13.2.YYY.ZIP; Extract MechDesigner.EXE


Login with Username or Email, Password and Captcha
Login with Username or Email, Password and Captcha
STEP 3: Enter Login details
Enter your Username or Email
Enter Password
Enter Capcha


STEP 4: Click My Account


STEP 5: Click in File Downloads:
'Click here to view your file downloads'



STEP 6: Click in the File-name column
'MechDesigner_PRO_X_X _XXX  .

If these is more than one file, then click the most recent.

PSM-Domain-Login-Save File2

STEP 7: Click 'Save File'


After the ZIP file is on your computer:

STEP 8: Extract the executable file from the ZIP file.



STEP 9: Double-click the extracted MechDesigner File.
Enter a Passcode [sent in an email to you] This is NOT the PRODUCT KEY

Enter a Passcode [sent in an email to you]

Enter the alphanumeric Password in the email to you.


This is NOT the Product Key. It is an extra layer of security, and only to protect the ZIP file.

STEP 10: Cut & Paste the Password we emailed to you into the Password box
STEP 11: Please wait.
Click to Expand/ Collapse
Click to Expand/ Collapse

'Suspicious Network Activity'!!! 

Sometimes you Virus Checker or Firewall will identify MechDesigner.exe, or similar files, as suspicious activity.

STEP 12: Please 'Allow this instance'  or 'Always Allow' so that the installation can continue.


The Installation will begin.


The Installation form may minimize' to your 'Taskbar'. Click the MD icon in your taskbar to open the form again.

tog_minus        Step 2: INSTALLATION: From .Zip File


We recommend you accept all of the default settings from this point in the installation.

The Trial and the 'Standalone Professional' installation are nominally the same. But they will install to slightly different Paths.




STEP 1: Click Next


Please accept the 'End User License Agreement'

STEP 2: Click Next


Please read the text in the box...





STEP 2: Click Next



Select Applications Folder


If possible accept the default folder.

STEP 2: Click Next


Select Programs Menu Folder

This will be the name of MechDesigner in the Start Menu


Please accept the default options.


STEP 2: Click Next


Ready to Install

This is a summary of the choices your have made.


STEP 2: Click 'Install'












STEP 2: 'Wait and Watch'


If it is a Network or Floating License then DO NOT LAUNCH. See Network Instructions - STEP 2

STEP 2: Click Finish

MD will launch automatically.

The first time we run, it will take some time.

tog_minus        Step 3: FIRST TIME LAUNCH: Enter Product Key and Register with CopyMinder


Run MechDesigner from the 'Windows Start'

When MechDesigner runs, you have three options:

Configure as a standalone program
Configure as a trial
Configure as a network client

See also: Network Installation and License.

STEP 1: Click 'Configure as a standalone program'
STEP 2: Add your Product Key

If you do not have a Product Key, please email us.

When you install a new release or an upgrade, the Product Key will show automatically.

STEP 3: Click OK


Registration asks permission to connect to the Internet.

MechDesigner uses the CopyMinder licence control system from Microcosm Ltd. They publish their privacy policy which is accessible if you click the 'Privacy Policy' button.

'CopyMinder Privacy Policy'




STEP 4: Click OK


It will then try to connect to the CopyMinder website and database to confirm your Product Key is valid, and lets you register your installation.


If this is a new installation:

Product Registration dialog-box

Complete the registration form with your contact information.

Your licence agreement will not be valid unless you provide contact information.

Provide a valid email address.








STEP 5: Fill in the required information
STEP 6: Especially the Email Address
STEP 7: Click OK

tog_minus        Step 4: RUN AGAIN: Confirmation with CopyMinder


1.Click the MD PRO icon to run MechDesigner.


The first time you run after you have given CopyMinder your details for your Product Key, CopyMinder must check that the key matches the PC with which you registered.

This dialog asks you permission to check with CopyMinder.


You can review the Privacy Policy.

STEP 1: Click OK


CopyMinder is now checking your PC against the CopyMinder database.



STEP 2: Wait

After the check is complete, MechDesigner runs.

tog_minus        SECOND RUN and then NORMAL RUNNING: Occasional Internal Checks


Second Run:

If you have SolidWorks

1.Right-Click the MechDesigner Program icon
2.Select Run as Administrator in the contextual-menu.

The SolidWorks Type Libraries are installed.


Normal Running

Occasionally, MechDesigner checks the CopyMinder database to make sure the Product Key and the PC are still the same.


Each time it will ask you for permission.


STEP 1: Click OK

Click OK


STEP 2: Wait


After the check is complete, MechDesigner Runs.


These pop-ups show TWO times when you start MechDesigner!


Tutorial and Reference Help Files for MechDesigner and MotionDesigner 13.2 + © Machine, Mechanism, Motion and Cam Design Software by PSMotion Ltd