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Installation Instructions

Notes on Virtualisation.

Trial Installation

Standalone Installations

Network Installation

License Updates

Files on your PC after you install MechDesigner.

Stand-Alone License-Key or a Floating/Network License-Key?


Each License is locked to a computer (+1 backup computer).

Floating/Network :

The License is locked to a server. You must install a small application called CMServer. It will need an internet connection to the CopyMinder database (run by a third party) to validate your license.

You can install MechDesigner on any computer that has access to your server. The Product-Key on your server manages the maximum number of computers that can run MechDesigner at one time.

Please instruct PSMotion before you buy MechDesigner which license-type you want: a Network/Floating or a Standalone.

PSMotion cannot change a Standalone to a Network License, or a Network to a Standalone-License after you have installed MechDesigner.