3: Project-Explorer

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3: Project-Explorer

3r Project-Explorer

The Project-Explorer is to the left of the graphic-area.

There are three areas:

Selection-Window (Top)

Command-Manager (Middle)

Element-Explorer (Bottom)



The Selection-Window lists the elements that you CLICK, or SHIFT+CLICK, in the graphic-area or the Element Explorer (see below). Right-click any element to show a contextual-menu.


When you add complex elements, you must select other elements that are in the model.

The Command-Manager is s mall interface with a selection-box for each  element-type you must select to add the complex element. You must select the element-type for each-selection-box from TOP to BOTTOM.

1.Click the element that is contextual to the top-most selection-box.

When an element shows in the top selection-box, the next selection-box below becomes active.

When there is an element in each selection-box, the OK-not-tiny-13-17 colorizes to OK-tiny-13-17

2.Click OK-tiny-13-17 to add the complex element to the model.

Element Explorer

The Element Explorer shows the elements that are in the model.

The Element Explorer has three(3) trees, but shows only two(2) trees at one time.

In the Model-Editor or Mechanism-Editor, the two trees to explore are the:

Assembly-Tree - see image


In the Part-Editor, the two trees to explore are:


Geometry-Tree (Click Rebuild Now to compile the Geometry-Tree)