3-44 Project-Explorer

The Project-Explorer is to the left of the graphic-area and the vertical Contextual toolbars.

The Project-Explorer has three areas:

Selection-Window [Top]
Command-Manager [Middle]
Element-Explorer [Bottom]

Use the:

Selection-Window and Element-Explorer: to select and edit elements
Command-Manager : shows hints, and selection-boxes for the elements you must select to do commands.



The Selection-Window - at the top - lists the elements that you click in the graphic-area or the Element Explorer (see below).

Right-click any element to show a contextual-menu.

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The Command-Manager gives a hint. When needed, there are selection-boxes that are contextual to the active command.

To do an active command:

1.Click the element that is contextual to top selection-box, in the graphic-area or the Assembly-Tree

The contextual element shows in the selection-box, and the next selection-box becomes active.

When the selection-boxes are complete, the OK-not-tiny-13-17 colourizes to OK-tiny-13-17

To complete the command:

2.Click OK-tiny-13-17 in the Command-Manager


2.Right-click in the graphic-area

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Element Explorer

The Element Explorer - below the Command-Manager - show the elements that are in the model.

The Element Explorer has three trees, but shows only two trees at one time.

In the Model-Editor or Mechanism-Editor, the two trees are:

In the Part-Editor, the two trees are:

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