Trial Installation

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Trial Installation

Download and Install MechDesigner. website - after a customer logs in. website - after a customer logs in.

When you register and login to our PSMotion website account, you are taken to this page with the download button.

Click the






Download, SAVE, and then extract the file in the ZIP file.

Double-click the extracted MechDesigner File.


Now you will see the MechDesigner 'Welcome to MechDesigner Setup'

Please click the Install button.



Again, you also see another Windows WARNING to inform you that changes are about to be made to your computer.

Windows asks you permission to install MechDesigner.

Click the OK or Run-Anyway button.






You will see the Installation Completed splash.

If this is a TRIAL or Standalone Installation, click the Launch MD button.

If this for a Network Installation, please DO NOT LAUNCH MECHDESIGNER

You must take CMServer from the install path, and install it on your Server.

Run and Register

MechDesigner needs to check with the CopyMinder database to see if you have registered it. CopyMinder is internet based, third party software we use to protect MechDesigner..

There is a message is to ask you for your permission to register you with CopyMinder databases  

Please click the OK button.


When communication is established for the first time, you register your details for the Software Protection.


Please fill in your details.


Please enter the email address that you have used to register/login with our website.

A verification email will be sent to this email address.

Click OK when you have completed the registration form.

You will get a new email:

From : CopyMinder Verification

Subject : CopyMinder Email Verification for Product ...

If you cannot see the email, look in your Spam or Junk folders.

In the Email:

Click the link in the verification email.

In your Internet Browser:

A pop-up from\verify...

The message is to inform you that you have verified your MechDesigner installation successfully.

Your registration details have been logged in the CopyMinder Database.

See also: Globe-www'CopyMinder Privacy Policy'

You can now run MechDesigner MD-TRIAL.



Run and Go


Run MDXX-TRL64 in the normal way, with different short-cuts:

Red-14-1b From the List of Programs

Red-14-2 From the Start list (Pin to Start)

Red-14-3 From the taskbar (Pin to taskbar)

Red-14-4 From the Desktop (Pin to Desktop)

MechDesigner, takes a LONG time to start.

Please WAIT



The first time, and every 4-5 days:

CopyMinder checks to make sure MechDesigner is still on the same PC etc.

If you do not click OK - MD14 may stop working, until you do click OK.

Be completely assured, CopyMinder, Microcosm or PSMotion do not make use of the data other than to cure problems and bugs.

These dialogs will show TWO times as you start MechDesigner.



Installation Problems?

TrialInstall Resent

If you believe you have entered the correct email address, but you cannot find the verification email in your in-box, it is likely that the email is in your spam or junk folder.

Please, note that the Email Verification is NOT from PSMotion. The email is:

From: 'CopyMinder Verification'.

Subject: 'CopyMinder Email Verification for product MDTRIAL'

If you cannot find the email:

Run MechDesigner Trial again.

This dialog will show.

You have an opportunity to Re-enter details.

A new email is sent to your email in-box.

Finally, if you do not receive the email, your virus-checker is probably preventing its please email us at PSMotion, and we will verify it for you.