Sinusoid Cam-Law, Motion-Law

Sinusoid Motion-Law is not a Traditional Motion Law

Blend-Point Editor

Use the Blend-Point Editor to edit the:

Start Position

Segment Editor

Use the Segment Editor to edit the Sinusoidal Segment Parameter

Segment Parameters


The amplitude of the sine wave. Amplitude equals half peak-to-peak of the sinusoid.

Phase - (degrees)

The phase allows you to phase the sine wave. When the phase is zero, the displacement looks like a normal sine function.


One cycle is a one full Sine function radians


The graph may alias if you have many sinusoid cycles, or too few steps in the Number-of-Steps parameter.


Example: Segment Parameters


The motion to the left is a 'normalized' sinusoid segment.

A 'normalized' segment has a duration of '1' second and a Amplitude of '1' unit.

The maximum values of Velocity, Acceleration and Jerk become the Motion-Coefficients.


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