Triple-Harmonic Motion-Law

Triple-Harmonic is a Traditional Motion-Law  has Segment-Parameters that can match other Traditional Motion-Laws.

Blend-Point Editor : edit its:

Start Position
End Position

To edit the Position at the end of this Segment you must select the Next-Segment.

Segment Editor :  edit the:

First Harmonic
Second harmonic

MotionDesigner calculates the third harmonic, based on the fact that the segment always creates a D-R-D segment.

Segment Parameters.


First Harmonic
Second Harmonic
Third Harmonic


You can only enter values of the First and Second Harmonic.


The Start and End Velocity and Accelerations are zero.
The Start and End Jerk values are a consequence of the mathematical form of the segment.
The Segment is symmetrical about the mid-point.


This Motion-Law can approximate the Cycloidal, Modified-Trapezoidal, Modified Sine, Polynomial 3-4-5, Motion-Laws by using the harmonic settings indicated below.

To the Left, a 'Modified-Trapezoid' has been created by setting the first Harmonic to 6.025. The third harmonic recalculates itself. The second stays at zero, unless you edit it of course.


tog_minus        Cycloidal:

Parameter 1 (First Harmonic): 2*pi
Parameter 2 (Second Harmonic): 0.0
Parameter 3 (Third Harmonic): 0.0

tog_minus        Modified Trapezoidal:

Parameter 1 (First Harmonic): 6.04
Parameter 2 (Second Harmonic): 0.0
Parameter 3 (Third Harmonic): 0.73

tog_minus        Modified Sine:

Parameter 1 (First Harmonic): 5.1968
Parameter 2 (Second Harmonic): 1.769
Parameter 3 (Third Harmonic): 0.6057

tog_minus        Polynomial 3-4-5

Parameter 1 (First Harmonic): 5.9
Parameter 2 (Second Harmonic): 0.704
Parameter 3 (Third Harmonic): 0.9

It can also create other useful Segment Forms with these harmonic settings:

tog_minus        Zero-Jerk at Start, End and Cross-over

Parameter 1 (First Harmonic): 9*pi/4
Parameter 2 (Second Harmonic): 0.0
Parameter 3 (Third Harmonic): -3*pi/4

tog_minus        Zero-Jerk at Cross-over

Parameter 1 (First Harmonic): 4.9832
Parameter 2 (Second Harmonic): 2.6
Parameter 3 (Third Harmonic): 0.0

tog_minus        Zero-Jounce * at Start

Parameter 1 (First Harmonic): 7.79
Parameter 2 (Second Harmonic): -2.29
Parameter 3 (Third Harmonic): -1.08

*Jounce is a term used for rate-of-change of Jerk.

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