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Motion Terminology in MotionDesigner


A motion is split into segments.

Each segment :

has a start and end, and thus a duration, or time-period. The duration is its Segment Width
has a mathematical function. This is its Motion-Law.
is joined to other segments at its start and and its end.
is joined to other segments with Blend-Points


There is a Blend-Point at the start and end of each Segment.

Each Blend-Point has two motion-values : a motion-value at the end of the Previous-Segment and a motion-value at the start of the Selected-Segment.


Each segment is defined by a Motion-Law, which is a mathematical function. The function gives an output - the Y-axis value - that corresponds to its input - the X-axis value.

There are many different motion-laws. Many motion-laws have Segment Parameters that we apply to the mathematical function to give different motion characteristics.

See Motion-Laws

MotionDesigner: Main User Interface

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MotionDesigner 13.2+:

1s-b Toolbars

2-R-RED-15 Motion-Law Selector

3-R-RED-15 Motion-Width [Read-Only]

4-R-RED-15 Motion Name-tab [you can add many motions. Each motion is identified with a Motion name-tab]

5-R-RED-15 Motion Graphs [See View Toolbar > Show or Hide: Position, Velocity, Acceleration and Jerk motion-derivatives].

6s-b Graph 'drag-handles'.

IMPORTANT NOTES - General Motion Definitions

Segments are joined with Blend-Points.

We edit the X-axis and Y-axis motion-values at each Blend-Point.

We influence the X-axis and Y-axis motion-values between each Blend-Point with the segment's Motion-Law and Segment-Parameters.

Use the Blend-Point Editor to:

Edit the X-axis and Y-axis motions values of each Blend-Point

Use the Segment-Editor to:

Edit the Segment-Width of each Segment
Edit each segment's Motion-Law
Edit segment-parameters associated with each Motion-Law.
Edit the Y-axis motions values of each Blend-Point

See also: Motion Design Considerations  , FAQs

MotionDesigner: Toolbars



Blend-Point & Segment toolbar


Edit toolbar


File toolbar


Motion toolbar : Motion-Width & Motion-Law Selector


View toolbar

To show or hide MotionDesigner, use:


MechDesigner > Visibility toolbar > Show MotionDesigner


MechDesigner > Visibility toolbar > Hide MotionDesigner


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