File toolbar > Open and Append

Use the file-type drop-down box to open an MTD, SHP, DA, TXT file-type.


Motion File-Types

MTD: MotionDesigner File Type.

To open an existing motion MTD file and to add the motion(s) as a new motion name-tab(s).

The MTD motion file may open one or more motions.

SHP: 'Camlinks and Motion' File Type

This is the file extension for Camlinks - a different kinematics and motion design program.

DA: Jetter File Type

This is the file extension for Jetter Automation.

TXT: Logix 5000 Cam file [Beta-testing]

This is the file extension for Allen-Bradley [Rockwell] Logix 5000 Cam file.

Enter the units for the X-axis and the Y-axis for this file-type.

See also

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