Cubic Motion-Law

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Cubic Motion-Law

Cubic Cam-Law, Motion-Law

This is a Polynomial Motion-Law.

A different name is Constant Jerk


You CAN specify the:

Start-Position - this value usually flows from the End-Position of the Previous-Segment

Start-Velocity - this value usually flows from the End-Velocity of the Previous-Segment



You CANNOT specify the:

Start-Acceleration, End-Acceleration

Start-Jerk, End-Jerk

Cubic Motion-Law

Cubic Motion-Law

Example Cumbic Segment

In this example, the Blend-Point values at the START and END are:

Start-Position: 0 ; End-Position: 1mm

Start-Velocity: 2 ; End-Velocity 5mm/sec

You cannot specify the acceleration value..

You cannot specify the Jerk value.

Cv = 1.5

Ca = ±6

Cj  = 12

Application Note

Any application where you must have a Constant Jerk (acceleration changing at a constant rate).