Dwell Motion-Law

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Dwell Motion-Law

Dwell Cam-Law, Motion-Law

Dwell is a Traditional Motion-Law.

Dwell is a Polynomial Motion-Law.

Segment-Editor AND Blend-Point Editor

You CAN specify the:


The Start-Position usually flows from the End-Position of the Previous-Segment.

The motion-values of all other motion-derivatives are equal to zero.

Application Notes

Use Dwell when you want an instrument to be stationary.

However, Dwell segments are used too frequently.

The longer the Dwell segment, the shorter the other segments. The peak accelerations of the other segments increase, and they also become shorter in the machine/time angle. This increases the harmonic and frequency content of the other segments. Consequently, the machine is more likely to vibrate.


Try not to use a Dwell segment unless you need a tool to be absolutely stationary for at least 20° range of the X-axis. If the dwell is less than 20°, then try to delete the Dwell segment and use two segments that have zero, or very low, jerk-values where the Dwell would normally be placed.