Flexible-Polynomial Motion-Law

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Flexible-Polynomial Motion-Law

Flexible-Polynomial Cam-Law, Motion-Law

When all of the segments are Flexible-Polynomial, you can design complex and simple motions.

Motion Description

The Flexible-Polynomial motion-law is a powerful motion-law that can be used for most motion-designs.

You can edit the motion-values of all motion-derivatives at the start and end of the segment.

You can choose to 'not edit' the value of the motion-derivative at its start and end.

You can use the Flexible-Polynomial to replicate these Motion-Laws:

Dwell, Constant-Velocity, Cubic, Quadratic, Throw, Poly 345 and Poly 4567


Many other motion-laws you don't even know you need!

See MD-Globe-www-24Tutorial: Introduction to the Flexible-Polynomial Motion-Law.


You CAN edit the:

Position at the Start and END of the Segment

Velocity at the Start and End of the Segment

Acceleration at the Start and End of the Segment

Jerk at the Start and End of the Segment

You CANNOT edit the:


Segment Parameters