Flexible-Polynomial Motion-Law

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Flexible-Polynomial Motion-Law

Flexible-Polynomial Cam-Law, Motion-Law

When all of the segments are Flexible-Polynomial, you can design complex and simple motions.

Segment-Editor AND Blend-Point Editor

CAN edit the:

Start-Position and End-Position

Start-Velocity and End-Velocity

Start-Acceleration and Start-Acceleration

Jerk-Start and Jerk-End


With the Flexible-Polynomial motion-laws, you can replicate these Motion-Laws:

Dwell, Constant-Velocity, Cubic, Quadratic, Throw, Poly 345 and Poly 4567


Many other motion-laws you don't even know you need!

See MD-Globe-www-24Tutorial: Introduction to the Flexible-Polynomial Motion-Law.