Quadratic Motion-Law

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Quadratic Motion-Law

Quadratic Cam-Law, Motion-Law

You CAN specify the:

Start-Position (usually flows from the End-Position of the Previous-Segment )

Start-Velocity (usually flows from the End-Velocity of the Previous-Segment )


You CANNOT specify the:


Start-Acceleration, End-Acceleration

Start-Jerk, End-Jerk

Velocity increases or decreases linearly

Acceleration is constant, but discontinuous at its start and end.

Jerk is zero (but has infinite Jerk at its start and end.

Quadratic Motion-Law

Quadratic Motion-Law


In this image the

Start Position = 0mm

End Position = 1mm

Start Velocity = 0mm/s


Segments with Constant Acceleration, Linearly Increasing-Velocity, or Linearly Decreasing Velocity.

You can use this to model a Part under the influence of a Constant-Acceleration, or a constant force or torque.

Edit the end-position until the Acceleration is -9807mm/s/s.