Triple-Harmonic Motion-Law

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Triple-Harmonic Motion-Law

Triple-Harmonic Motion-Law

Triple-Harmonic is a Traditional Motion-Law

Segment-Editor and Blend-Point Editor.

You CAN specify the:


Usually, the Start-Position flows from the End-Position of the Previous-Segment


You CANNOT specify the:

Start-Velocity, End-Velocity

Start-Acceleration, End-Acceleration

Start-Jerk, End-Jerk - Function of Segment-Parameters

Segment-Editor > Segment Parameters 


Three Segment-Parameters:

Red-14-1 First Harmonic

Red-14-2 Second Harmonic

Red-14-3 Third Harmonic (calculated automatically from First Harmonic and Second Harmonic)

TRIPLE HARMONIC 1st Harmonic = 4.983 ; 2nd Harmonic = 2.6 ; 3rd Harmonic = 0

1st Harmonic = 4.983 ; 2nd Harmonic = 2.6 ; 3rd Harmonic = 0

Triple Harmonic as Approximate Motion-Laws

The Triple-Harmonic Motion-Law can approximate the Cycloidal, Modified-Trapezoidal, Modified Sine, Polynomial 3-4-5 Motion-Laws by using the Segment-Parameters below.


tog_minusModified Trapezoidal:

tog_minusModified Sine:

tog_minusPolynomial 3-4-5

Triple Harmonic and other Motion-Laws

tog_minusZero-Jerk at Start, End and Cross-over

tog_minusZero-Jerk at Cross-over

tog_minusZero-Jounce * at Start