SEGMENT-EDITOR : Segment-Parameters

The  Segment Parameters  separator shows with, but not all, Traditional Motion-Laws.

The Segment-Parameters , when they show, are unique to the Motion-Law.

The best way to learn about the Segment-Parameters is to experiment.

Segment-Parameters of the Since-Constant-Cosine Motion-Law

Segment-Parameters of the Since-Constant-Cosine Motion-Law

This Motion-Law, the Sine-Constant-Cosine, has Segment-Parameters that can give a large number-of-different Motion-Laws.

For example, Commercial Indexers with a Modified Sine-Constant-Cosine motion. The 'Constant' refers to a period of Constant-Acceleration within the Indexing Motion Segment.

A family of commercial indexers may include within the index-period, a duration of Constant-Velocity. For example, 20%, 33%, 50%, or 66% of the Indexing Motion Segment.

In MotionDesigner, you can specify any percentage to be Constant Velocity.

You can also edit the percentage of the Sine and Cosine periods within the index period.

see also: Segment-Range, Segment-Width

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