Acceleration List

The Acceleration List is one of three segments you can use to import your own data.

1.Use the Motion-Law Selector to select 'Acceleration List'
2.Use the Data Transfer Table to put the 'Acceleration' data [How to import the Data? See Position-List].

MotionDesigner integrates (numerically) your data to give the Velocity and Position graphs.

MotionDesigner scales the data to give the Position values at the start and end of the Acceleration List Segment.

MotionDesigner re-samples the data to give the correct number-of-points in the segment, such that:

Number-of-Points in Segment = Segment-Width × Number-of-Steps in Motion / 360

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Example Applications

You can acquire Acceleration Data of a machine component with an Accelerometer.

To acquire the acceleration data, we recommend a dc-accelerometer that gives an output from 0 to 1000Hz.

With an output at 0Hz, you can use ±g to calibrate the accelerometer by turning it over [g = ~9811mm/s/s].

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