Acceleration-List (Import Data)

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Acceleration-List (Import Data)

Acceleration List

See also: Position-List, Z-Raw Data


The Acceleration List is a List Segment-Type.

Use it to post your own Acceleration-Data to the segment.

See Position-List to learn how to paste your data to a List Segment-Type.


MotionDesigner integrates (numerically) your data to give the Velocity and Position graphs.

MotionDesigner re-samples the data to give the correct number-of-points in the segment, such that:

Number-of-Points in Segment =

Segment-Width × Number-of-Steps in Motion / 360

Segment Parameters




Sampling Acceleration-Data - recommendations.

Acquire acceleration-data of a machine component with an Accelerometer.

We recommend a DC-Accelerometer that gives an output from 0 to 1000Hz. 0Hz is important. At 0Hz, you can use ±g to calibrate the accelerometer by turning it over (g = ~9811mm/s/s).

Import an exact number points for one machine cycle. You can use an Encoder on a machine shaft to trigger the start and end the Acceleration Data acquisition.

You will get better results if you sample the data from a Dwell to a Dwell.

Although there are mathematical techniques to compensate for any bias in the Acceleration Data, we do not use them when we integrate the Acceleration-Data.