Add Blend-Point 'exactly'

Insert Blend-Point 'Exactly'


1.Click Blend-Point & Segment toolbar > Insert Blend-Point Exactly

The Add Blend-Point at... dialog-box opens.

Insert Blend-Point 'Exactly' dialog-box

Insert Blend-Point 'Exactly' dialog-box

2.You must edit the X-Axis parameter to add and show the new Blend-Point:
Enter the X-axis with your keyboard


Edit the X-axis value with the Spin-Box tool

A new Blend-Point is now at your mouse-pointer. The segment you click becomes two segments. They have the same motion-law.

3.Click OK-tiny-13-17 to close the dialog

As with all Blend-Points, you can use the Blend-Point Editor or Segment Editor to edit the X-axis and Y-axis [motion-values] of the new Blend-Point.

See also: TOP-Tip: Motion Planning

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