Edit: Sweep-Display

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Edit: Sweep-Display


A Cursor shows in the graphs of the active Motion at the X-axis as defined by the Cursor-Position parameter.

Use the Sweep-Display dialog to read the exact motion-values of all motion-derivatives (P V A J) at the position of the Cursor on the X-axis, as defined by the Cursor-Position parameter.

Sweep-Display: is almost the same as the Motion-Value Evaluator

The Advantage of the Sweep Display is that you can see a Cursor.

The Advantage of the Motion-Value Evaluator is that you can enter an X-axis value greater than the last X-axis point - see Notes below.


To open the Sweep-Display dialog:

1.Click Edit toolbar > Sweep-Display icon



Cursor Position: (Read-Write)

The X-axis value at which we want to read the Position, Velocity, Acceleration, and Jerk motion-values.


Edit Digits and Precision of the motion-values with:

Edit toolbar > Active Motion Settings > Number Format tab | Number-Format separator.

Maximum Cursor Position =  Motion-Width – (Number of Steps / Motion-Width).

For example: If:

Number-of-Steps = 360; Maximum Cursor Position359

Number-of-Steps = 3600; Maximum Cursor Position ≤ 359.9

See also: Motion-Width, Number of Steps, Motion-Value Evaluator