Sweep-Display dialog-box

Use the Sweep-Display dialog-box to read the exact Y-axis motion-values as a function of an X-axis value, which is defined by the parameter 'Cursor Position'.

The Master Machine Angle [and the kinematic model] also moves to the same 'Cursor Position'.


To open the Sweep-Display dialog:

1.Click Edit toolbar > Sweep-Display icon




Cursor Position: [Read-Write]

The Cursor Position parameter specifies the position along the X-axis of a vertical cursor in the motion graph.

Edit the 'Cursor Position' parameter to move the cursor along the X-axis.

Note: You can enter any real number for the 'Cursor Position' [for example: 3.141592653589793...], and the motion-values are evaluated exactly.

Position ; Velocity ; Acceleration ; Jerk [Read Only]

The motion-values of each motion-derivative at the Cursor Position along the X-axis.


Edit 'Digits' and 'Precision' of the motion-values with:

Edit toolbar > Active Motion Settings > Number Format tab | Number-Format separator.

Maximum 'X Cursor Position' = 'Motion-Width' – 'Number of Steps' / Motion-Width.

For example:

oNumber-of-Steps =360, Sweep Cursor ≤ 359
oNumber-of-Step = 3600, Sweep-Cursor ≤ 359.9

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