MotionDesigner Interface

When you start MechDesigner,  the MotionDesigner application is docked to the right.

Click to Expand and Collapse
[Click to Expand/Collapse]

The MotionDesigner User Interface

1-R-RED Toolbars

2-R-Red Motion-Law Selector

3-R-RED Motion-Width

4-R-RED Motion name-tabs

5-R-RED Motion Graph Area

6-R-RED 'Drag bars' to resize MotionDesigner and each Graph.


To edit each motion, you must open the Blend-Point Editor and Segment Editor to edit the motions.

We will review these with each tutorial.


tog_minus        1s-red Toolbars


The Toolbars are at the top of MotionDesigner.

tog_minus        2sMotion-Law Selector


The Motion-Law Selector is one of the toolbars. It is a drop-down box. See Motion-Laws.

tog_minus        3s Motion Width


The default Motion-Width is 360. This is also the most typical as it is equal to one machine cycle.


tog_minus        4s Motion Name-Tabs


The Motion name-tabs are above the Graph-Area.

When you have many Motion Names tabs, you may need to use the left and right, < > , scroll buttons (4a)

See also: MotionDesigner > Edit menu > Active Motion Settings > Motion tab.

tog_minus        5s Graph-Area


The Motion Graph Area is where we plot each motion as graphs the four important motion-derivatives: Position, Velocity, Acceleration, and Jerk.

You can show, or hide, each motion-derivative. [see View menu]

The Motion name-tab is at the top of the graph. In this image there is only one name, which is the default name. [See Edit toolbar > Active Motion Settings > Accessibility tab... to change the default colours]

The Selected-Segment is Red. [ the default colour. [See Edit toolbar > Active Motion Settings > Accessibility tab... to change the default colours]

The Y-axis Units and are to the left of each graph. The X-axis Units are below the bottom graph.

The Machine-Speed is at the bottom of the graphs, in Red.

Note: Machine-Speed is set in MechDesigner, not in MotionDesigner

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