System Requirements, Permissions, Virus checker, ...

System Requirements

The system requirements are as follows:

Operating System:

Windows 7 [Service Pack 1; Aero Enabled], Windows 10

64-bit only

PC Memory:

Minimum 4 GB of RAM

Recommend: 8 GB or more

Hard Drive Space:

1GB of available space, more during installation.

Recommended: 2 GB or more of free hard disk space

Additional disk resources and memory are needed if you edit large models with complex solid models

Graphics Card:

High-performance Graphics Card for CAD or Gaming

OpenGL 3.5+

Minimum of 1Gb, ideally 4GB of card memory.

Screen Resolution:

Maximum: 2560 x 1440.

Note: Reset 4K Display to 2560 x 1440 [Right-click Desktop, Click 'Screen Resolution', Use Resolution slider].

Windows Permissions


You need Administrator Rights.

First and Second Run:

...even if you think you have full Administrator Rights:

1.Right-click the MD1x-PRO64 application icon
2.Click 'Run as Administrator' in the contextual-menu

General Running:

You do not need Administrator Rights after the second run.

You need an internet connection for occasional license checking with CopyMinder.


PSMotion recommends that you:

Use a trusted antivirus product, and to stay updated with the latest antivirus definition/signature file (This defines the known current vulnerabilities and exemptions).
Add exemptions for MechDesigner file types and folder locations - see also: Firewalls, Virus-Checkers

Software Protection

We use CopyMinder® for our software protection. Please see the installation procedures to register your installation with CopyMinder.

If you have bought MechDesigner, you will have a Product License Code. You should keep this safe [PSMotion will be able to find it, if needed].

If you have a network installation [sometimes called a Floating-License], then, your I.T. department and Network Manager should do the installation and retain the Product Code.

See also: CopyMinder Software Protection


Do not uninstall your first installation [even if it is the Trial] if you want to install a new Release.

If you want to remove MechDesigner completely, then use the 'MechDesigner Uninstall shortcut in Program Files:
Choose Start > Program Files > MechDesigner in Windows 7 or earlier; or choose Start > Apps > MechDesigner in Windows 8 or later;
Choose 'Uninstall'

The uninstall program is launched, follow the procedure.

If you have created MechDesigner documents you may want to remove them manually.

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