Active Theme and Style Options:

Important to understand:

THEME : different 'border' colours, toolbar icons and different dialog colours.

STYLE : settings in the Application-Settings dialog: e.g. the colour of each element, icon and text-size, ...

The active Theme and Styling (your user preferences) on a PC become the default Theme and Style on that PC each time you exit and restart MechDesigner.


You cannot edit a theme. You can only load Themes.

There are two major Theme options.

Use Edit menu > Application-Settings > General tab > Theme Options : Target Theme to load the Theme.

Charcoal Dark Slate : this theme has Dark borders, menus and dialogs with contrasting toolbars icons.

Windows10 : this theme has Light borders, menus and dialogs, with contrasting colours for the icons.


If you load a Theme, then optionally [but recommended], use the Load button [at the bottom of the Application-Settings dialog] to load a style:

Dark Style : recommended for the Charcoal Dark Slate theme

Light Styles : recommended for the Windows10 theme

These simply apply settings that contrast reasonably well with the Theme.

MechDesigner.ini file

In addition to the Theme and Style, you can edit other settings: e.g.: icon size, text size, element colours, number format, ...

The Theme, Style, and new settings are saved to the MechDesigner.ini* file when you exit MechDesigner to become the new default settings.

Personal and Company-Styles

The MechDesigner.ini file loads your preferred settings each time you start MechDesigner.

You may want to save your Theme, Style and Settings if:

different designers use the same PC, and you and they have different preferences
you want to take your preference to a different PC
you want to distribute the preferences to different PCs for a company-wide application environment.

Use the Save button to save the preferences to a named-style.xml.

Use the LOAD button to apply the named-style.xml to your preferences and settings. They become the default when you exit MechDesigner.

Copy and distributed the named-style.xml file to other PCs.

Rename named-style.xml to Company-Style.xml , to become a company-style, for example.

Each user must use the Load button to make this the active style and default on the PC, of course.

* See Files on your PC

Style and File Structure


Video : 'How to load a different style'


Themes, Style and Settings: Edit Style

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