MechDesigner and OpenGL.

OpenGL is an industry standard 3D graphics API.

MechDesigner uses OpenGL.

You need an OpenGL 3.x+ driver, or higher, to run MechDesigner. OpenGL drivers are usually installed together with your graphics card driver and support software (such as DirectX).

If you do not have the OpenGL installed with your graphics card, or it is not OpenGL 3.x or higher, then MechDesigner has problems, or will not even start.

How to...Check the graphics card type and OpenGL version.

If you can start MechDesigner:

See : Help menu > About | Graphic tab .

You can see the OpenGL version in the 'About' dialog.

If you cannot start MechDesigner:

Option 1:

1.Open the Windows Run dialog box (Click Start > Run).
2.Type dxdiag

The dxdiag diagnostic tool opens. It lists the graphics card information.

Option 2:

1.Download and Install the OpenGL Extension Viewer for Windows.
2.Click the 'Summary' menu item.

Warning: This involves installing third-party software. Install at own risk. We use it.

The OpenGL Extensions Viewer is a free application designer by Realtech VR. The viewer displays the current version of OpenGL that is installed. It also provides tools to test or update the graphics card driver.

OpenGL Extension Viewer for Windows : dialog

OpenGL Extensions Viewer

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