Option 2: Orbiting Pulley center

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Option 2: Orbiting Pulley center

Option 2: Orbiting Pulley center


Orbiting Gear center: There is one fixed Pulley, joined to the Base-Part.

The belt path is moves with a rotating Part. The Orbiting Pulleys rotate with a rotating Part around the center of one fixed Pulley on a rotating Part.

Each Part can be:

The Driving-Pulley is kinematically-defined with a motion before you use Add Pulley.
The Driving-Pulley rotates to move the Belt.

Linear Motion of Belt = Driving-Pulley Radius x Driving-Pulley Angular Motion

The Driven-Pulley becomes kinematically-defined by Add Pulley.
The Belt moves to rotate the Driven-Pulley.

Angular Motion of Pulley = Linear Motion of Belt / Pulley Radius.


tog_minusAdd Pulley × 2