Cam-Follower Bearing: Design Arrangements

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Cam-Follower Bearing: Design Arrangements

Cam-Follower Design Arrangements

When a bearing in contact with the cam is circular, we give it the term Cam-Roller. The Cam-Follower is the Part that supports the Cam-Roller Bearing.

Stud-type and Track-type Cam-Followers

Generically, there are two types of cam-roller bearings:



SKF cut-away views of Stud and Track type Cam-Followers

Both the Stud and Track types have many variants to suit different applications and working environments - axial guidance, type of lubrication, sealing, corrosion, et.c. .

tog_minusStud-type Cam-Follower

tog_minusTrack-type Cam-Follower

Stud Cam-Followers and Form-Closed Cams

tog_minusGroove, or Track, Cams