Themes, Styles, and Settings (Recommended)

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Themes, Styles, and Settings (Recommended)

Theme, Style, and Settings

We use the Application-Settings dialog box (see Edit menu/toolbar) to change the Theme, Style, and Settings and to suit your preferences and environment.

Together, we call the active Theme, Style and Settings the Styling.


When you exit MechDesigner, we automatically save the Theme, Style, and all Settings to your PC. All changes you do become the new defaults - see Files on your PC.

However, you and other users, for different reasons, may want to use a different Styling and to load them again at another time.

For example:

You have different working environments - you work in the Day and at Night

Different people work on the same PC with different preferences

We use the Save and Load buttons, in the Application-Settings dialog-box, to save different preferences as a different Styling.

You can also copy the Style to a different PC. You want to do this for your own reasons, or to apply a company-wide Styling.


A Theme defines the colors of the borders, menus, AND dialogs, with contrasting colors for the toolbar icons.

You can select from two Themes.

To select a Theme, do:

1.Edit menu > Application-Settings > General tab > Theme Options : Target Theme

Charcoal Dark Slate : this theme has Dark borders, menus and dialogs with contrasting colors for toolbars icons.

Windows10 : this theme has Light borders, menus, and dialogs, with contrasting colors for toolbar icons.

Windows - not recommended

If you select a Theme that is different from the active Theme, you must restart MechDesigner.

Thereafter, it becomes the default Theme.


We have also prepared a Style with colors for elements that contrast well with each Theme.

Thus, if you change the Theme, you may need to also change the Style.

To load a Style, do:

1.Edit menu > Application-Settings > Click the LOAD button (at the bottom of the dialog-box)

Dark Style : recommended for Charcoal Dark Slate

Light Style : recommended for Windows10

Notes on Styles and Region (locale)

A locale is the term used to define the specification of, and number formats.

There are Dark and Light style files that are formatted for regions that use a ',' (comma) as a decimal separator, and for regions that use a '.' (stop, period) as a decimal separator.

These are in paths ... C:ProgramData/style/Comma/ and ...C:/ProgramData/style/Stop/ respectively.

MechDesigner should find the correct path for your region. But, please look at the path to make sure it is correct before you Load a Style.


You may have, as I have, color preferences that are different from the default colors of the Dark or Light Styles.

Also, you may want to change many other settings. For example, size of icons, text, and symbols; the number-format for dimensions and data, default paths, ... .

Use the Application-Settings dialog-box to change these and other settings.

Then, if for any reason explained at the top of this topic, use the Save button to save them as a new Style.

> General tab > File Options 

Specify ZXL output directory

Enable Auto-save

Allow Internet Downloads (for Tutorials)

> Accessibility tab > Menus 

Icon Size : Medium

Text Size: Small/Medium (Note: If you change the Text Size, close and open Application-Settings again, and drag the right side of Application-Settings dialog to re-size the dialog)

> Accessibility tab > Graphics:

Symbol Display Size : 5

Symbol Selection Size : 6 to 10

> Number-Format tab > Data Output Format 

Float Number Format : General

Precision : 8

Digits: 4

> Number-Format tab > Dimension and Vector Format 

Precision : 8

Digits: 4

Dimension and Vector Font Size: 13

> Graphics tab >  Display colors 

Background : Mid-Grey (RGB: 128:128:128)

Selected color: Red

Part, Joint & Geometry 'Not-Defined' : Blue

Joint, Geometry 'Solved:': Green ;

Gear-Pair: Dark-Blue

> Graphics tab >  Display Option 

Show Function-Block Captions

Move a Theme, Style, and Settings to a different PC

Note: The active Theme, Style, and the Settings are collectively called a Style.

You may want to save and/or move your Style to other PCs if:

different engineers use the same PC, and you and they have different preferences

you want to take your preference to a different PC

you want to distribute the preferences to different PCs for a company-wide application environment.

You want a different style when you work at night or in the day.

To save a Style:

1.Click the Application-Settings > Save button to save the Style to a new style-name.XML.

It is best to put this into C:/Documents/PSMotion/MechDesigner/

2.Exit MechDesigner.

3.Use Windows (File) Explorer to make a copy of style-name.XML, MechDesigner.INI, and MechDesigner.XML - see File on your PC.

On other PC(s)

4.Use Windows (File) Explorer make a backup of style-name.XML, MechDesigner.INI, and MechDesigner.XML

5.Use Windows (File) Explorer make a replace the style-name.XML, MechDesigner.INI, and MechDesigner.XML with those from the original PC

6.Restart MechDesigner on the other PC

7.Click the LOAD button, to apply the style-name.xml.

They become the default Theme and Style.

Video : 'How to load a different style'


Themes, Style and Settings: Edit Style

TOOL-TIPS: While you are using MechDesigner:

Move your mouse-pointer above a toolbar icon, and pause to show a Tool-Tip.

Tool-tips give the name of the command and a short hint for you to do the command.

If you do not want to see Tool-Tips:

Show / hide tool-tips :

1.Click Edit menu (or toolbar) > Application Options | Accessibility tab > Menus >

2.Clear the Enable Hints and Tool-tips check-box

 - or -

1.Click Help menu > Toggle Hints (2×?)