Rename an Element

It becomes important to rename elements as you add them to a model.

For this tutorial, open the Rename dialog-box from an element in the Assembly-Tree.

It is also possible to open the Rename dialog-box in the Selection-Window.

Tutorial: example: Rename an Element


There are two ways to rename an element.

A: Do the Windows® procedure:

1.Click, pause, click the element-name in the Assembly-Tree
2.Enter a new element name

- or -


B: Use the Rename dialog:

1.Right-click an element in the Assembly-Tree or Selection-Window
2.Click Rename Element... in the contextual-menu

The Rename dialog-box opens.

Rename dialog-box

Rename dialog-box

Old Name (Translation) is read-only

3.Enter a New Name with your keyboard.
4.Press the Enter key on your keyboard
5.Click OK-tiny-11-15 to close the Rename dialog-box.

Top-Tip: Rename Element

To help identify the elements in the Element-Explorer, rename to the same name those elements that relate to the same mechanical function.

E.g. Rename all elements that relate to a Pusher to PUSHER. MechDesigner automatically appends a number, so that the elements that you rename to PUSHER become PUSHER1, PUSHER2, PUSHER3, ...

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