Recommended Windows Settings

Display Resolution:

1920 x 1200 / 1920 x 1080

4K display resolution should be 2560 x 1440

Windows DPI Setting:

Smaller -100%. [100%]

See: Windows® Start > Control Panel > Display >

Recommended Application-Settings

Open the Application-Settings with Edit toolbar [or menu] > Application-Settings

Recommended Application-Settings

General tab > File Options

◉ Specify ZXL output directory

☑ Enable Auto-save

☑ Allow Internet Downloads [for Tutorials]

Accessibility tab > Menus:

Toolbar Icon Size : Medium [Medium/Small]

Text Size: Medium [Medium]

Accessibility tab > Graphics:

Symbol Display Size : 5 [6]

Symbol Selection Size : 5 [6]

Number-Format tab > Data Output Format:

Float Number Format : General

Precision : 8

Digits: 4

Number-Format tab > Dimension and Vector Format:

Precision : 8

Digits: 4

Dimension and Vector Font Size: 13 [14]

Graphics tab > Graphics Display Option

Show Function-Block Captions

☐ Only View Solids in Active Mechanism-Editor

To Save, Load and Distribute Application-Settings and Styles

New Application-Settings and Styles

STEP 1: Edit menu > Application Settings > General tab > Style Options...

Target Style[Themes] :

If you want to use Charcoal Dark Slate as theme, then ... click Load button to load the Dark.XML style.

If you want to use Windows10 as theme, then ... click Load button to load the Light.XML style.

The Dark and Light styles use colours that suit the Charcoal Dark Slate and Windows10 themes.

STEP 2: Edit menu > Application-Settings again to edit colours, icons sizes, text sizes, number format, and all other settings.

See also: recommended settings, above.

When the settings are 'good for you'...

STEP 3: Exit and Restart MechDesigner.

The settings save to your MechDesigner.ini file when you exit

The settings load from your MechDesigner.ini file when you restart.

STEPS 1, 2, & 3 should now be active.

To distribute your settings and style to other workstations:

1.Click, in your workstation: Application-Settings > Save button to save your settings to style: file-name.XML
2.Distribute file-name.XML to the other workstations
3.On the other workstations, in MechDesigner, click the Application-Settings > Load button to load file-name.XML as the new style.
4.Exit and Restart MechDesigner

TOOL-TIPS: While you are using the MechDesigner:

Pause your mouse-pointer above a toolbar icon to show Tool-Tips. To see the latest Tool-Tips, you will need the 'Database files'.

Tool-tips give the command's name, its purpose and a hint.

Depending on your experience, you may want to show or hide the tool-tips.

To show or hide tool-tips:

2.Clear the Show Hints check-box in the Menus separator

 - or -

1.Click slowly two times: Help menu > Toggle Hints

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