Active Theme and Style:

We use the Application-Settings dialog box to change the Theme and Style - the working environment.

THEME : different colours for the borders, toolbar icons, and dialogs.

STYLE : settings in the Application-Settings dialog: e.g. the colour of each element, icon and text-size, ...

The active Theme and Style on a PC become the default Theme and Style on that PC.


You cannot edit a theme. There are two Themes you can use.

To use one or the other Theme, do:

1.Edit menu > Application-Settings > General tab > Theme Options : Target Theme

Charcoal Dark Slate : this theme has Dark borders, menus and dialogs with contrasting colours for toolbars icons.

Windows10 : this theme has Light borders, menus, and dialogs, with contrasting colours for toolbar icons.

Windows - not recommended


We have prepared a Style that has contrasting element-colours with each Theme.

To load a Style:

1.Click the Load button

Dark Style : recommended for Charcoal Dark Slate

Light Styles : recommended for the Windows10

After you load a Style, we recommend you also edit the icon-size, text-size, number-format, ... to suit your working environment.

If you are the only person working on the PC, you do not need to save the Theme and Style, as they become the default settings.

Move the Theme and Style to a different PC

Each time you exit MechDesigner, we save the Theme and Style automatically to the MechDesigner.ini file.

MechDesigner loads the Theme and Style from the MechDesigner.ini file each time you start MechDesigner.

You may want to save and/or move your Theme and Style if:

different designers use the same PC, and you and they have different preferences
you want to take your preference to a different PC
you want to distribute the preferences to different PCs for a company-wide application environment.
1.Click the Save button to save the Theme and Style to a Style-name.xml.
2.Use Windows Explorer* to copy and move the style-name.xml file to other PCs.
3.Click the LOAD button find and apply the style-name.xml to your settings,

Now, they become the default Theme and Style.

* See Files on your PC to find Style-name.xml.

Video : 'How to load a different style'


Themes, Style and Settings: Edit Style

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