Tolerance Analysis and Design Sensitivity


Tolerance Analysis / Installation Kinematics

There will ALWAYS be differences between the kinematic model and the physical machine.

We have reviewed the dynamic issues that make the motion of the payload differ from the motion design.

We can also look at the geometric differences. Geometric differences are those dimensional differences between the layout of the model - which is an exact representation - and the actual lengths, radii, and other dimensions in the 'physical' machine.

Geometric differences make the actual motion of the payload differ to that of the motion in the kinematic model.

It is important to find how sensitive the payload's motion is to differences that between the kinematic model and the physical machine.




You can use the Magnetic-Joint to keep the Cam-Follower Roller on the Cam. Then you can edit dimensions to see Tool-Part change its position and motion.

You can analyse the errors between your planned motion and the actual motion, if you edit the parts by the tolerances in your detailed drawings.

You can also see which tolerances influence the tool motion more than others.

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