Contextual-Help: F1 key, Dialogs & Parameters

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Contextual-Help: F1 key, Dialogs & Parameters

About the Local-Help

From MechDesigner 15.1, we include the Local Help with the installation.

Up to MechDesigner 14.3, you must Download the latest help to get contextual-help for commands and dialogs with the F1 key.

Download the Local-Help

Run MechDesigner as Administrator (even if you think you are, please do these steps):

1.Right-click the MechDesigner icon.  

2.Click Run as Administrator

If you open a model, it is best to save the model now, as MechDesigner may crash if the help file has been downloaded already.

3.Click Help menu > Download Latest Help...

Click 'Download Now' to install the Local Help

Click 'Download Now' to install the Local Help

4.Click the Download Now button.

5.Check the Feedback Area > Messages

If the last (top) message is: Failed to Create : C:\ProgramData\PSMotion\Help\MechDesigner.chm,  then see Permissions

If the 'progress-bar' under the Download Now button is making progress, then 'Wait' until the last message is: Download Successful.

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