Download and use the 'Local-Help'

With 'local help', you can get contextual help for each:

dialog, and

The 'local-help' file name is MechDesigner.chm. CHM files are displayed by the HTML Help viewer, which is part of the Windows® operating system.

There are two methods: 'manual' and 'automatic'.


Do these steps:

1.If necessary, exit MechDesigner
2.Click this link MechDesigner.chm

This pop-up will show:


3.Click the 'Save File' button to save the file to:

C:/ProgramData/PSMotion/MD13 XXX*64/

* XXX = TRL  for a Trial installation ;   XXX = PRO for a Professional installation;

If the folder ProgramData is hidden, then use:

Start > Control Panel > Folders > View tab | Radio-button: Show Hidden Folders and Files.

4.Wait for the file to download.
5.Re-start MechDesigner


This 'Automatic' method should also be our recommended method. However, your virus-checker may not allow you to download files from the internet.

Do these steps:

1.Start MechDesigner
2.Click Help menu > Download Latest Help...

This pop-up will show:

Click 'Download Now' to install the Local Help

Click 'Download Now' to install the Local Help

3.Click the 'Download Now' button.

How to get contextual help:

After you download the 'local' help. you can get contextual help for:


1.Move your mouse above (hover over) a menu command, or a toolbar icon.

On a desktop:

2.Press the 'F1' function key.

On a laptop:

2.Press at the same time: 'Fn+F1' keys.

Open Dialog-boxes: 


1.Move your mouse pointer over the Help icon at the bottom of an any dialog-box.
2.Click the Help icon.



1.Move your mouse pointer over the parameter icon (the icon that is to the left-side of each parameter in the dialog-box), and the help icon Help shows over the icon.
2.Then, carefully, move your mouse slightly down and slightly left.

The Help icon shows above the parameter's icon, but your pointer is not over the Help icon!

3.Click your mouse.


Video: how to find contextual help as you use MechDesigner:

How to...use the Local Help.


How to use the Local Help application:

Use the Contents tab, at the left, to show the 'Table of Contents'
Click the Search tab: enter a term, and click List Topics. Select a topic and click Display.
Create Boolean searches with "AND", "OR", "NOT" and "NEAR".

At the bottom of the Search tab:

Select 'Search previous results' to use only the previously found topics for the next search. This allows you to narrow down your search by adding keywords.
Select 'Match similar words' to highlight similar words in the found topics, or 'Search titles only' to find only topics with the keyword in the title.

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