About the Local-Help

You must 'Download the latest help...'. to get contextual-help for commands and dialogs using the F1 key.

You may need to Run as Administrator (see also Permissions) to download the latest help file automatically.

tog_minusHow to download the 'Local-Help'

Run MechDesigner as Administrator:

1.Right-click the MechDesigner icon.
2.Click Run as Administrator

When MechDesigner opens:

3.Click Help menu > Download Latest Help...
Click 'Download Now' to install the Local Help

Click 'Download Now' to install the Local Help

4.Click the Download Now button.

If the last (top) message is:

Failed to Create : C;\ProgramData\PSMotion\Help\MechDesigner.chm' - then see Permissions

If the 'progress-bar' under the Download Now button is making progress, then 'Wait' until the last message is:

... Download Successful.

tog_minusGetting command, dialog, and parameter contextual help:

After you download the local help, you can get contextual-help for commands, dialog-boxes, and parameters.

Command Help:



COMMAND HELP: Press the F1 key to open the local help at the 'Machine Settings' topic


1.Move your mouse-pointer above a toolbar command, or a toolbar icon (hover over)
On a desktop, press the F1 function key.
On a laptop with a reduced key set, press Fn+F1 keys together.

Dialog-boxes Help: 



DIALOG-BOX HELP: Click the '?' to open the local help at the 'Add Dimension' topic.


There are four small icons at the top of each dialog box:

1.Click the DialogHelp icon.

Parameter Help:



PARAMETER HELP: Click when the parameter help '?' shows, to open help at the parameter topic


Parameters are in all dialog-boxes.

In an open dialog-box you will find an icon to the left of each parameter's data-box.

1.Move your mouse-pointer over the icon of a Parameter to the left of its data-box.

The help icon Help shows over the icon.

2.Carefully, move your mouse-pointer slightly down and slightly left.

The Help icon shows above the parameter's icon, but your mouse-pointer is not over the Help icon!


Video 'How to get Contextual Help for Commands, Dialog-boxes, and Parameters

Remember, you must do: Help menu > Download Latest Help BEFORE you get contextual-help.


How to get contextual help

See also: 'Help menu > Download Late4st Help'



tog_minusHow to use the Local Help CHM application:

Use the Contents tab, at the left, to show the 'Table of Contents'
Click the Search tab: enter a term, and click List Topics. Select a topic and click Display.
Create Boolean searches with "AND", "OR", "NOT" and "NEAR".

At the bottom of the Search tab:

Select 'Search previous results' to use only the previously found topics for the next search. This allows you to narrow down your search by adding keywords.
Select 'Match similar words' to highlight similar words in the found topics, or 'Search titles only' to find only topics with the keyword in the title.

tog_minusPath Permissions:

You may need ask your I.T. department for these Windows permissions on your PC.

A)Do you have the Permission to see the 'C:/Program Data' and 'Help' paths?
1.Go to Files Explorer > View tab > Show/Hide panel
Click 'Hidden items'
B)Do you have the Permission to download the local-help file to the Help path?

If the Help does not download when you click the 'Download Now button' you may not have the Windows® 'permissions'

When you have permission, the way to download the Local Help  is to 'Start as Administrator'.

1.Navigate to: C: \ ProgramData \ PSMotion \ Help
2.Right-Click the 'Help' path-name
3.Click 'Properties' at the bottom of the contextual-menu, to open the 'Help Properties' dialog.
4.Click the 'Security' tab
5.Click the 'Edit' button, to open the 'Properties for Help' dialog
6.In the 'Group or user-names' box, click the 'Users' group (usually)
7.In 'Properties for Help' dialog, click the 'Allow' check-box, for the Write option.
8.Click the 'Apply' button, then the 'OK' button to close the 'Properties for Help' dialog.
9.Click the 'OK' button to close the 'Help Properties' dialog.

Now you should be able to automatically download the latest help file.

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