MechDesigner 13.2... engineered to move.

MechDesigner gives you the tools to design and model multi-axis machines, with multi-link mechanisms, cams, gears, pulleys all with complex motions.

Paraphrasing someone: "MechDesigner does not stop you doing stupid things, as that would also stop you doing clever things."

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Why MechDesigner?

There are many reasons to buy MechDesigner.

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To get the most from MechDesigner & MotionDesigner, you must do the tutorials. The tutorials show you how to use each command with real design applications. You will learn the 'rules' for each command. After you complete the tutorials, you will be able to work faster and much more efficiently.

Complete Reference and Installation Help

It is important that you also look at the complete references to MechDesigner and MotionDesigner. It gives more details of each parameter in each dialog-box.

Useful Design Information

Links to other Help File Formats

There are other help formats.

In particular, it is important that you download and install the 'Local-Help' so that you can show with your F1 key the contextual help for each parameter.


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