MechDesigner 13... engineered to move.

MechDesigner gives you the tools to design and model multi-axis machines, multi-link mechanisms, cams, gears, pulleys, all with complex motions.

Paraphrasing someone: "MechDesigner does not stop you doing stupid things, as that would also stop you doing clever things."

If you are using MechDesigner 12, or earlier, please see this link for MechDesigner 12

MechDesigner is used by:                                                                        

tog_minusMachine Design Engineers:

Packaging Machines,

Assembly Machines

Textile Machines

Transfer Press, ...

... all multi-axis machine designs.

tog_minusDevice and Product Designers:

Product Design

Furniture Design

Medical Device

Engine Design

Agricultural Machine Design

D.I.Y. Tools

Packaging Device Design

Toys, Anthropomorphic Characters

tog_minusEducators: University Lecturers, Colleges, Teachers, Students:

Mechanism Analysis

Mechanism Synthesis

Design Projects and Competitions

Design Studies

Motion Analysis



tog_minusInventors and Artists:


Conceptual design and optimization

Why MechDesigner?

tog_minusMechDesigner's Capabilities                                                                      


Design and optimize motions with our best-in-class, integrated motion design tool - MotionDesigner.

Design all of the mechanisms that you need for a machine, and synchronize them to a machine 'clock'.

Run at 'machine speed', or 'micro-step' the model to scrutinize all machine interactions.

Edit parameters 'on-the-fly' with extremely fast and exact simulations and analyses.

Use Design-Sets to edit and watch parameters update immediately as you optimize your design.

Add any number of mechanisms.

Kinematic and Force Analysis:

Absolute and relative, linear and angular, position, velocity and acceleration, of all machine points and parts.

From a defined tooling motion, automatically derive the cam-follower motion with inverse-kinematics.

Analyze force and torque data at each joint to find the correct bearing, linear guide, and servomotor.

Plot any number of graphs, of any design parameter.

Cam and Servo Calculations:

Automatically calculate cam-coordinates of plate, groove, conjugate, barrel, cylindrical and globoidal cam types.

Export cam-coordinates directly to SOLIDWORKS®

Save cams as STEP, DXF, XY Coordinaytes, TXT

Servomotor, four-quadrant 'Torque-Speed' & 'Duty-Cycle' Analysis.

Servomotor motion profiles.


'Mechanism Synthesis' with the constraint based sketch-editor.

Reverse-Engineer Cams, and make the cam-follower's motion better than the original motion.

Design Scrolls/Feedscrews.

Design gear-trains, pulleys, rack and pinions.

Import SolidWorks® Parts and Assemblies.

Export SolidWorks® cams as STEP files.

When you can do all of this, and more, it is easy to analyze designs, remove design problems, see new design opportunities and engineer the cams you need to make it happen.

tog_minusOur Guarantee                                                                                                

We guarantee (almost) it is possible to improve the performance of your multi-axis machine with MechDesigner. Why not let the design engineers at PSMotion review your design. We will sign your NDA [Non-Disclosure-Agreement] if your work is confidential. Any idea will be your IPR.

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Basic Kinematics
Cam Mechanisms
Gear Mechanisms
Mechanism Synthesis

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