Can I Edit the Part-Outline?

Part-Outline in the Graphic-Area

Part-Outline in the Graphic-Area

Can I edit the Part-Outline?

No. You cannot edit the Part-Outline. The Part-Outline is the symbol for the Part element.

What do I do with a Part-Outline?

It is the symbol of the Part you select to complete other commands; for example: Add 2D-Cam.

You also select the Part-Outline to edit the Part in the Part-Editor

Can I change the size of the Part-Outline symbol?

Yes. Use the Application Settings > Accessibility tab > Graphic > Symbol Display Size

Must I display Part-Outlines in the graphic-area?

No. To hide Part-Outlines, see Display Filters > Show/Hide Part-Outlines.

However, you must show Part-Outlines to Display Force-Vectors

Can I hide individual Part-Outlines?


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