CAD-Line dialog-box

See also : Part-Editor: Add CAD-Line


There is one CAD-Line along the X-axis of each Part that you add to the model.
You can add more CAD-Lines - see Part-Editor: Add CAD-Line
Use the CAD-Line dialog-box
oto import a SolidWorks document
oto import AND locate a DXF drawing relative to Coordinate-System of the CAD-Line
oto define the Mass-Properties of the CAD-Line.

Open CAD-Line dialog-box

Double-Click CAD-Line element in an Added-Part

Double-Click CAD-Line element in an Added-Part

To open the CAD-Line dialog-box

1.Double-click the CAD-Line in the graphic-area, or the Assembly-Tree

- or -

The Cad-Line dialog-box is not open.

CAD-Line dialog-box


There are three tabs:


Import a SolidWorks document (and Mass Properties), or STL file onto a CAD-Line

Mass Properties tab

Enter User Mass Properties for each CAD-Line

DXF tab

Import one DXF drawing onto each CAD-Line


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