It is possible to edit the names of parameters, the hints in each dialog-box, and tool-tips.

This tool is NOT available in MD14.2

It is not recommended that you make changes to the Language Database.

Please email us if you would like us to change anything.

STEP 1: Make a backup of the database directory and change its default path.

MechDesigner uses a database for command-names, hints and dialogs. You can edit these to your preferred wording or language.

Before you can edit the 'language database', you should move the database files to a new path, which also has Read&Write privileges.

You can do this from within MechDesigner

1.Start MechDesigner
2.Click Edit menu > Application-Settings

It's default path is:  C:\ProgramData\PSMotion\DBase

4.Click the Database Directory box , to open the 'Select Folder' interface.
5.Browse, to find or add a new path that has Read-Write privileges: For example: C: \Users\<user-name>\Documents\PSMotion\dbase-14\
6.Click Open button in the Select Folder interface

The new path should show in the Database Directory box.

7.Close the Application-Settings dialog.
8.Exit MechDesigner

Now, when you use the 'Save database' button in the Language Database dialog-box, the database files will save to the new path (see 5, above)

The database path you enter is stored with the MechDesigner.ini file. We do not overwrite the MechDesigner.ini even when you re-install MechDesigner.

However, if you delete the MechDesigner.ini file, you must change the database path again with the Application-Settings dialog-box.

STEP 2: Edit the database.


1.Start MechDesigner
2.Click Help menu > Edit Language Database
3.Click the 'Edit Program Hints and Captions'tab
4.On the right, scroll down to find a 'dialog' and explore it to find the text that you want to edit.

The name of each dialog in the list is not the name of the dialog in MechDesigner. However, with a bit of imagination, you will find the dialog.

Example: dlgsettings (which is the 'ACTIVE MOTION SETTINGS' dialog) > Motion tab.

5.On the left top, enter the new text with your with your keyboard new text.


5.On the right, enter the new text with your keyboard

Example shows: 'Motion' as the new text

6.Click Update Modified Text button.
7.Click the Reload Hints and Captions button , to update the text.
8.Click the Save Databases button to save the database to the new directory - see Step 1 above.

Do steps 4 – 7 again and again for different dialogs and fields in the dialog.

Before you exit the dialog:

9.Click the Save Databases button again to make sure the changes are as expected.


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