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What is a Part?

MechDesigner definition: A Part is the most basic kinematic-element. It is a rigid-body you can join to other Parts. Joints constrain how Parts move relative to each other.

Kinematic definition: a Part is a Link, a rigid-body, or a solid-body. Any two points within it do not change their relative position.

Add Part

Add Part icon

Kinematic-elements toolbar : Add Part icon

Menu :

Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Add Part

Shortcut :

INSERT key on your keyboard


STEP 1.Click Kinematic-elements toolbar > Add Part
STEP 2.Drag in the graphic-area

DRAG instructions:

Mouse-button down, ...move your mouse, ...mouse-button up.

A Part is now in the graphic-area.

Add Part is not persistent. Do 1-2 again to add a new Parts.


Part in the Graphic-Area

Red-14-1b Part-Outline: the symbol of the Part. You cannot edit the shape of the Part-Outline.

Red-14-2 CAD-Line - from the start-Point (mouse-button-down) and end-Point (mouse-button-up) of the Part.

Red-14-3 XY-axes: at the start-Point and origin of the CAD-Line

How to Add a Part and a Joint at the same time.

1.Click Kinematic elements toolbar > Add Part
2.Hover over a Point or Line so it become red before you mouse-button-down
3.Mouse-Button-Down + Drag your mouse away from the Point or Line

If you hover above a Point you will add the Part and Pin-Joint.

If you hove above a Line, you will add the Part and a Slide-Joint


When there is more than one Point or Line above each other, you cannot control with which of the Points or Lines you will make the Joint.

In this case, add the Part as a free Part. Then add the Joint.

Note :

Try to add Part to the graphic-area at approximately the correct position and length

See also :

How to Edit a Part


'Expand' then 'Play'

How to...

Add a Part.


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