What is a Trace-Point?

A Trace-Point shows the locus of a moving Point for one machine-cycle.

Other terms for Trace-Point include Locus, Curve, Path, Trajectory, Trace and Coupler Curve.

With special conditions, you can drag the Point in the Mechanism-Editor to help you find a 'good' Trace-point.

Add Trace-Point

Add Trace-Point

Kinematic Elements Toolbar : Add Trace-Point

Menu :

Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Add Trace-Point


Add Trace-Point does not add a Point to the model - you must select a moving Point that is in a kinematically-defined Part.

What to do :

1.Click Add Trace-Point
2.Click a Point in the model and graphic-area

If the Select Elements dialog-box opens, you have clicked more than one Point, which may be coincident.

You must select one Point.

a.Click a Point in the Select Elements dialog-box
b.Click OK-tiny-11-15 to close the Select Elements dialog-box


3.Click OK-tiny-11-15 in the Command-Manager

Result :

You should see the 'Trace of the Point' on the Mechanism Plane.

Notes :

See Special Conditions, -below.


'Expand' then 'Play'

How to...

Add a Trace-Point


More Notes:

You can add many Trace-Points to the same and different Parts.
It is possible that the trace-point does not complete its closed path in one machine-cycle. If it is important the Trace-Point is closed, you may need to use a Gearing FB to increase the number-of-times the model cycles within one cycle of the MMA.
If you want to add a Trace-Point to show the motion of a Point in a moving Part relative to a different moving Part (that is, not relative to the Mechanism-Plane or the Base-Part) you must add a 2D-Cam and then show its Pitch-Circle.

Special Condition

You can drag Points in the Mechanism-Editor if ALL of these conditions are met:


In the Part-Editor:

a.You use Part-Editor > Add Point
(The Point cannot be a child to a different sketch-element)


b.You do not add a dimension or a constraint to the Point

AND IF in the Mechanism-Editor:

c.You add a Trace-Point to the Point


To drag the Point more easily:

Reduce the Number-of-Steps to '30' in the Machine Setting dialog-box

- or -

Drag the Point and then keep the mouse-pointer very still until the Trace-Point moves,

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