Part-Editor - Constraints Menu and Toolbar

In the Part-Editor, use the commands in the:

Geometry menu and toolbar : to add sketch-elements. The toolbar is to the left of the graphic-area.
Constraints menu and toolbar : to add Constraints to
oa sketch-element, and also
oits start-Point, its end-Point, and a centre-Point.


To DELETE a Constraint you must show the Constraint in the Selection-Window.

1.SHIFT+CLICK a sketch-element, its start-Point, its end-Point, or its centre-Point, as required

The sketch-element and Constraints show in the Selection-Window.

2.Right-click the Constraint

In the contextual-menu

3.Click Delete

Part-Editor: Constraints menu


Part-Editor: Constraints Toolbar

In the Part-Editor, the Constraints toolbar is to the RIGHT of the graphic-area.


btn_delkeywordAbout Merge-Points and Coincident-Points Constraint

MERGE-POINTS : Deletes a Point. You cannot remove a 'Merged Point'.

Use Merge-Points to join sketch-elements end-to-end, and to remove one of the Points.
Use Merge-Points to make a sketch-path.

COINCIDENT Points : Does not delete a Point. You can delete a Coincident-Constraint later and move the Points apart again.

Use a Coincident-Constraint to move together two Points, or a Point to a Line, or a Point to an Arc or Circle.
Use Coincident-Constraints for construction geometry.
btn_delkeywordWhy can I NOT add a new Constraint?

You cannot over-constrain a sketch-element in the Part-Editor (SolidWorks allows you to over-constrain, but you are given a warning).

For example:

A Point has 2 degrees-of-freedom (DOF). It you add a 'coincident constraint' between a Point and a Line, you remove 1 DOF, and 1 DOF remains. The Point can slide along the Line.

You cannot then add a new constraint between the same Point and a Point at one end of the Line. A constraint between a Point and a Point would remove 2 DOF, but only 1 DOF that remains.

btn_delkeywordHow to delete a Constraint...
1.SHIFT+CLICK a sketch-element in the graphic-area

The sketch-element and constraints added to it, show in the Selection-Window.

2.Right-click the constraint in the Selection-Window
3.Click Delete in the contextual-menu

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