The Internet menu

PSMotion Home Page

This should show: www at psmotion dot com in your web-browser.

You need an internet connection.

Report Bug, Send Mail, Feature Request

Report Bug / Feature Request

2.Login to your account.
3.Click on 'My Account' if necessary
4.Click 'Report a Bug' in the black menu, at the top of the screen (just below the main header).
5.At the top of the page, below the text 'Report a Bug'... Click 'Create new ...'.
6.Enter a title for the bug report
7.Enter a description of the bug
8.Scroll down to the bottom of the page
9.Use the two Browse buttons to find and click on the CXL and MTD files that have the bug
10.Use the Upload buttons to upload them to the PSMotion server.
11.Click Save

Send Mail

You can also send an email to 'support at psmotion dot com'.

Download Example Models


1.Click a model from the list of Examples in the form
2.Wait for the model to download

Some models are very large. Please be patient to make sure the file downloads.

To show the model completely, click:

Edit toolbar > Auto Update / Rebuild button to show Trace-Points, and 2D-Cams
Filters menu  > Display Filters > Show/Hide Planes if Planes hide other elements.


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