View toolbar and menu

The View toolbar is BELOW the graphic area.

View menu


View toolbar

The View toolbar is BELOW the graphic-area.


Toolbar-View-StandardViews Standard Model Views: Front ; Back ; Left ; Right ; Top ; Bottom

The Front View is the XY-Plane of the active Editor


View Model Normal to a Plane

Note: To see all Planes in the Model use Visibility toolbar > Show Model in Mechanism, and also Show Model in All Mechanism-Editors.

To make the view normal() to Plane:

1.Click View Normal to Plane
2.Click a Plane in the Model-Editor the active or a different Mechanism-Editor
3.Click OK-tiny-13-17 in the Command-Manager


View Align: Use this tool in the:

Part-Editor : to make the X–axis of the Part that is open in the Part-Editor become Horizontal
Mechanism-Editor : make the X–axis of the Base-Part horizontal


Smooth Spin: Shift +Drag

INCREMENTAL SPIN: Do this before you use the short-cuts below:

Click the Selection-Window then again in the graphic-area, AND move your mouse-pointer to the graphic-area.

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard:

10º Spin-Increments: LEFT / RIGHT & UP / DOWN arrow keys
30º Spin-Increments: CTRL + LEFT / RIGHT & UP / DOWN arrow keys
90º Spin-Increments: SHIFT + LEFT / RIGHT & UP / DOWN arrows keys

Spin about a Point:

Pre-select a Point, then the use the Spin tool to spin the model around the Point, and not the Origin.


PAN: Drag

Note: PAN is more responsive than CTRL+DRAG. when the model is heavy.

PAN LEFT & RIGHT : CTRL + roll middle mouse wheel,  Faster Scroll : CTRL+ALT+middle mouse wheel

PAN UP & DOWN : SHIFT + roll-middle mouse wheel, Faster Scroll : SHIFT+ALT+middle mouse wheel


Zoom Extents : To make the display size show the complete model.


Zoom In : (SHORTCUT: Scroll Wheel on your mouse - forward)


Zoom Out : (SHORTCUT: Scroll Wheel on your mouse - reverse)


Zoom Windows : Drag a window to make the new model view


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