1rMain menus and General-Use Toolbars:

Main Menu bar


The File, Edit, Run, Filters, View, Help menus have the general tools that are in most CAD applications.

Use the Add menu to add the elements you will need to build the model of your machine, with the different Editors.

File menu

Open, New, Save, Save as...Exit, as well as Save Timing Diagram, ...

Edit menu

Application-Settings and Machine-Settings, Undo, Redo, Rename, Delete, ...

Add menu

Add the elements to build your model: See Three-Editors: Workspace and toolbars

Run menu

Step-Forward (ALT+F), Step-Backward (ALT+B), Home (ALT+H), and Cycle-Continuously (ALT+C).

Filters menu

Display and Select different element types.

View menu

Standard Views, Spin, Pan, Window, Extents, Zoom-In, Zoom-Out, ...

Help menu

The Help menu has links for the Local Help, the On-line Help, Tutorial and Example Downloads, and to contact PSMotion.

General toolbars

The General toolbar have the tools and utilities that are in most CAD applications.

The General toolbars are above and below the graphic-area.

The toolbars are collapsed when you start MechDesigner.

To show and hide the commands in each toolbar, use the expand/collapse icon

General toolbars above the graphic-area


btn_delkeyword File toolbar


btn_delkeyword Edit toolbar


btn_delkeyword Run toolbar

Run Toolbar

btn_delkeyword Visibility toolbar


General toolbars BELOW graphic-area

Click the icon


btn_delkeyword View toolbar


btn_delkeyword Selection Filters toolbar

Selection Filters toolbar

btn_delkeyword Display Filters toolbar

Display Filters toolbar


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