The Display and User Interface


MechDesigner can take longer than other applications to start. You may need to click 'OK' in a pop-up - possibly two times - to allow MechDesigner to check its protection status.

When you start MechDesigner, you start a new project automatically.

1.Drag the right-side of the application-window after you start MechDesigner to see the Maximize, Minimize and Exit icons at the top and right.
2.Maximize MechDesigner with the maximize icon
3.If necessary, to display the MotionDesigner correctly, drag the vertical separator-barRed-14-6 to the right of the graphic-AreaRed-14-2.


Information-24 The interface above uses the charcoal theme for borders, menus and command icons and dark styling.


Main menu-bar & General-Use toolbars

Menus and General-Use toolbars are above the graphic-area

General-Use toolbars are always available. Toolbars are collapsed with you start MechDesigner.

See more: Menus and Toolbars


Editors: Model-Editor, Mechanism-Editor or Part-Editor

Editor names

Model-Editor: the editor you see when you start MechDesigner.

Mechanism-Editor: the editor to build kinematic-chains with Parts, Joints, belts, gears, cams, ...

Part-Editor: edit the length of Parts, and add geometry to position joints, and also to add shapes for extrusions.


Graphic-area: the main workspace where you build your model.

Name-tabs: identify the name and editor type

Contextual toolbars: to the left, right and above the graphic-area,

See more: Model Editor, Mechanism-Editor, Part-Editor



The Project-Explorer is to the left of the graphic-area.

It has three areas:

Selection-Window (top)
Command-Manager (middle)
Element-Explorer with two tabs (bottom)

Use the Selection-Window and Element-Explorer to select and edit elements.

Use the Command-Manager to do commands.

See more: Project-Explorer


Feedback Area

The Feedback-Area is below the graphic-area.

It has four areas:

Hints (read-only) - about a command, show when you move your mouse-pointer over an icon.
Messages (read-only) - for example, a reason you cannot do a command.
Sliders - Master-Machine-Angle and Animation -Speed
Vector scale Buttons: (bottom and middle) to change the length of Kinematic and Kinetostatic Vectors.

See more: Feedback-Area



MotionDesigner is to the right. Use Visibility toolbar > Show / Hide MotionDesigner if you want more modelling area in the graphic-area.

MotionDesigner has its own toolbars for its commands.
Design one or many motions.
Use Motion FBs in MechDesigner to link motions to Motion-Parts and Motion-Points.

You can design a motion for each mechanism in the model.

See more: MotionDesigner and Getting Started Tutorials - MotionDesigner



The Memo shows each time you start MechDesigner, unless you de-select the Automatically Open at Start check-box at the bottom of its dialog.

Add text to the memo. You can open and edit the memo later.
Each Editor has its own Memo.

See more: Memo

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