What is a Type-Library?

To communicate with SOLIDWORKS, we install a file we call the 'Type-Library'. The Type-Library is different for each SolidWorks release (Solidworks 2017,2018, 2019...)

Install* the Type-Library

MechDesigner should install the correct Type-Library automatically from MD14+.

However, if you cannot communicate with SolidWorks you may need to follow the steps below.

Test for the active Type-Library

First, to see which Type-Library is installed now, use the Help menu > About  interface.

Start MechDesigner:

1.Click Help menu > About | Type Library tab

If the correct Type Library is installed, the two boxes 'SolidWorks Type Library' & 'Installed Version of SolidWorks' will show the same year and you will see the message 'All good to go'.

Type Library is correct and you are 'Good to go'

Type Library is correct and you are 'Good to go'

If the years are different, you must:

2.Do an Automatic Installation of the Type-Libraries

If the 'automatic installation' does not work, then:

2.Do a Manual Installation of the Type Libraries

Automatic Installation

1.In SolidWorks, save at least one Part with the SolidWorks release with which you want to communicate.
2.Make sure you have an internet connection.
3.Right-click the MechDesigner application icon (in the Windows® Start menu or on your desktop) to show a contextual-menu.
4.In the contextual-menu, 'Run as Administrator'
'Run as Administrator'.

'Run as Administrator'.

Wait a little longer than usual for MechDesigner to start.

5.Look again in the Help menu > About >Type-Libraries tab to see if the correct Type-Libraries are installed.
6.Try importing a model document from SolidWorks onto a CAD-Line or export a 2D-Cam from MechDesigner.

If the libraries are correct and you cannot communicate with SolidWorks then there must be something else blocking. Virus checker, perhaps.

Manual Installation

Occasionally, the SolidWorks Type-Library file cannot be installed automatically. For example, your company policy will not give you Administrator Rights.

In this case, you can use the link below to download the Type-Library file, and then manually put the file in the correct place.

Do all of these steps:

1.Run the SolidWorks release with which you want to communicate
2.Save at least one Part, then exit SolidWorks
3.Exit MechDesigner
4.COPY the Type-Library file that is in your MechDesigner installation.

It is the only file in the installation folder, which is typically:

C:\Program Files\PSMotion\MD14 PRO64\SW_TLB2019_64

You need a copy of the Type Library because if Step 7 fails, you must put the original Type-Library file back into the original path to be able to run MechDesigner.

The file to copy is, typically : SW_TLB230.bpl.1

For MD10 and earlier, the path is : C:/Program Files(x86)/PSMotion/MD10-PRO64/
For MD11+, the path is: C:/Program Files/PSMotion/MDxx-PRO64/SW_TLByyyy*_64/

* : yyyy is the year release of SolidWorks, for example, 2016.

4.Click the link below for the you SOLIDWORKS release and save the ZIP file.
5.Unzip the ZIP file to extract the Type-Library.bpl file
6.Copy & Paste the Type-Library.bpl file into the installation path - see step 4
7.Start MechDesigner

If you cannot run MechDesigner:

8.Put the copy of the original Type-Library file back into the installation path - see step 4
9.EMAIL us: sales at psmotion dot com


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